Odyssey was the codename and beta version of Microsoft Windows Advanced Server 2000 that was in the early stages of development by Microsoft during 1999. It was billed as the follow-up to Windows 2000, and was to be aimed at the business sector of the market.[1][2]

In early 2000, Microsoft merged the team working on Odyssey with that developing Windows Neptune Beta Version of Microsoft Windows 2000 Home Edition, a consumer version of Windows 2000. The combined team worked on a new project codenamed Whistler,[3][4] which was later released as Windows XP.[5]

While there was one alpha build of Neptune, 5111, released to testers, [6] no version of Odyssey was ever released.[7] Paul Thurrott once suggested that it would have been called Windows NT 6.0 had Microsoft not messed with the naming in late 1998,[8] whereas unnamed sources cited by ZDnet referred to it as NT 5.5.[2]

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