Main rules before requesting

  1. You must be an bureaucrat or an administrator from that specific wiki that was requested.
  2. The wiki itself should not be a clone neither it should be the same because, if you do your request will automatically get denied due to knockoffs problems according to FANDOM's policy.
  3. Your wiki must have an appropriate type of topic and audience. Otherwise, your request will be denied as well.
  4. And, now you may go on with the requesting process.

Requesting process

Now that you want to request for a wiki affiliate permission since you have finished reading the rules and guidelines you may now continue within the 4 important steps below:

  • Make sure before requesting you use your default wordmark that you have used on your wiki or you can have the same one as your wiki wordmark but, a bit bigger. All wordmarks must be ".png" any larger banners (or known as wordmark) will still be acceped in but, will be resized to fit.
  • After that don't go yet either! We aren't done yet so lastly, before requesting finishes up. Give an link address to your wiki known to be up your tab or an example such as this "" or if it's either called "" it will still work as well but, mainly small wikis use ".fandom" but, "" is mainly, used to research important things such as (officials, things that can relate to the government, and .etc that is considered important)
  • Now, you may contact bureaucrat or known to take over the graphic designing job is Mr.Follow and you can contact the bureaucrat on the wall by clicking here: "" for your request, wait about for it to be confirmed and, processed correctly and responded within 24 hours or 1 day if possible.
  • Lastly, the conclusion, well yes, mainly lots of wikis gets pasted and gets to be on the main page itself of our wiki. But, if your request was denied please read closely again on the top which where the rules are located for this article. But, if your request was not allowed in for policy issues within FANDOM then, please do NOT request again or you will be permanently IP blocked.
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