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(Phase 1) Main rules before requesting

  1. You must be an bureaucrat or an administrator from that specific wiki that was requested.
  2. The wiki itself should not be a clone neither should it be the same because, if you do your request will automatically get turned down due to FANDOM's policy.
  3. Your wiki must have an appropriate type of topic and audience. Otherwise, your request will be turned down as well following FANDOM's policy.
  4. Once you've matched the required requirements for the main rules, you may now proceed to Phase 2.

(Phase 2) Requesting process

  1. Make sure before requesting, you are to use your default wordmark or logo that you have used on your wiki. All wordmarks must be ".png" or ".jpg" which means it (must be an image format readable by FANDOM) any larger banners (or known as wordmark) will still be accepted in but, we'll resize it. Please note, that we WILL NOT change any of the colors or anything besides the size of your wordmark to preserve your own wiki's creation.
  2. Another thing you want to make sure is that, you will need to give the link of your wiki to us. However, nowadays it's not needed as we'll search your wiki and grab your wiki's link for you. This requirement is no longer needed as a mandatory (only applies retroactively before September 1, 2020) thing during the requesting process, however it is your choice to give us the link of your wiki if you wish to do so, it just makes our jobs easier by a bit.
  3. We will NOT be tolerating fishy links, that aren't from your wiki if you were to send us one. If done so, we will heavily investigate and will lead to your request denied automatically, as it violates the policies.
  4. Once, you're ready please contact Mr.Follow (by clicking on the name it will re-direct) by leaving a message on his wall as, he is the only bureaucrat on Microsoft Wiki managing this wiki. Please don't go and contact other admins, as they're now inactive from this wiki and, will not go through your request.


  • What happens if my request gets turned down/denied?

The real explanation here is that, we rarely do turn requests down. Atleast 99% of the time any genre of wikis you're part in will get accepted, including smaller wikis. If we do turn you down, it's most likely because you didn't read Phase 1 which was the main rules. We always explain why your request gets turned down so, it'll be easier for you to correct it if it ever does happen.

  1. You can either do nothing and, leave.
  2. You can try again, as most of the time we do give people 2nd chances to correct mistakes.
  3. Getting mad and destroying/vandalizing our wiki over a turned down request will lead you to get banned and IP blocked, no second chances there.
  • Why is one of your wiki affiliates, removed your wikis from their list of affiliates?

Rarely, this has happened to us but, it did in the past. Usually wikis, that want their contract to be terminated they can let us know by doing a follow-up by contacting us, that way we know what's going on. But, if they don't which has happened before then, we have the right to terminate their contract and remove them from our list if they don't still have our wiki logo on their homepage. Nowadays, it's rare to see a wiki that terminated a contract before we've investigated and looked into the cases. We check every week to make sure that contracts are still active, if not we take down their wikis fairly quickly. It is still recommended wiki owners that are affiliated with us that you, contact us to let us know if we can start respectfully we think that, we can end it respectfully to not have to start potential conflicts on editors/communities.

  1. You can contact us to let us know, so we can take it down.
  2. You can do nothing and move on
  3. You can convince the other wikis, but we don't recommend you doing so, if there is conflict.
  • Wait, you mistaken our request and mistakenly denied for the reason that you thought we didn't comply!

If you think we've mistakenly done something wrong while the process of accepting your wiki in, just send in an another request or do a follow-up on that request. All concerns are welcome, we all make mistakes on forms. But, it isn't really easy to get denied over a mistake as our investigation team will heavily look into requests before, we approve and accept.

  1. You can always try again, but DO NOT spam requests (over 30 times max) over and over again, that will lead to a ban and no second chances, as it is a pain to cleanup our message board to spammers. SOAP (formally VSTF) will get involved if it is a serious and an effort to vandalize the wiki.
  2. If we ever do mistaken your process, more than 5 times. FANDOM staff will be involved to get this dealt with. (However, this is rarely going to happen.)
  3. Please always, tell us what we've done wrong it helps our team and the bureaucrat to correct the issue as soon as possible, so future requests with the same mistake don't have to get tangled like your request.
  • When will my wiki be on your homepage/affiliate list?

Usually, once a request has gone through and has been accepted, we usually add your wiki's wordmark to our homepage within less than 1 minute. But, if you haven't done so yet on your wiki within 72 hours of this request or (1 week max), we will ask you to do so. If we hear no response, then we will gladfully terminate the contract or the request itself.

  1. You can be patient and wait, if we're busy and can't add your wordmark in time.
  2. You can always try again. Do NOT spam more than 30 times a request.
  3. We forgot your wordmark? no worries, just let us know if we're busy on regular business days, we'll get back to you in about 1 hour.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us having no idea what you're doing is terrible on a wiki like this complicated. No answers are wrong, unless if they are obviously wrong.

Article publication: September 25, 2019

Revised: July 6, 2021