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Launched on December 4, 2005 ever since then, we've provided every aspects of everything Microsoft.

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This is the Microsoft Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the Microsoft Corporation and its products. We cover Microsoft's software, hardware, history, organization, culture and much more. This wiki is free to be edited, but you need to log in or sign up to start editing and experience the full content of this site. Please note that this site is currently undergoing many major changes, including a major mainpage overhaul. Please bear with us, all mainpage features will be online and functional as soon as possible!
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Many websites suffer from either poor or over-complex site administration. We hope to avoid either eventuality. Almost all of our rules are common-sense, and for anything more pedantic the administrators will be able to sort out any issues caused; thus, editors don't need to read the rules. Our rules can be found at Policy. The rules offer a more precise guide to the workings of our wiki, but as longs as you behave nicely then there should be no issue.
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Microsoft Wiki was created through the fusion of several smaller wikis who all hoped to document either all of or some aspect of Microsoft. Currently with some active administrators, the wiki allows anyone who has an account to edit, and all contributions are in the public domain.

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