Aero is the default theme in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The Aero theme is not available in the Home Basic and Starter editions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Aero is the successor of Luna, the default theme in Windows XP.


Windows 7

  • Aero Snap
  • Aero Peek
  • Aero Flip 3D
  • Aero Shake
  • Features in Windows 7 Aero*

Aero Snap - To use Aero Snap, drag one window to the edge to the screen and another program to the other side of the screen which was known as multitasking.

Aero Peek - Accesible by hovering your cursor to the bottom-right corner of the screen (taskbar).

Aero Shake - Open two programs, hold and shake yoour cursor and the program on the background will be minimized or vice-versa.

Aero Flip 3D - When you open up to two programs, press Windows Key+Tab. Use Tab to scroll through programs.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Aero Basic (Not Enchaned)

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